TP Attorney Profile: Q&A with Associate Ne’Shira Millender

August 08, 2017

Taylor Porter Associate Ne’Shira Millender has been practicing with our firm since 2014, when she graduated magna cum laude from Southern University Law Center. Ne’Shira practices in the area of commercial litigation. In addition to her legal practice, Ne’Shira is an active member of the community, volunteering for several Baton Rouge Bar Association community service projects; and serving as an active member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel, American Bar Association, Defense Research Institute, Baton Rouge Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, and the Dean Henry George McMahon American Inn of Court. Ne’Shira is a board member of Volunteers in Public Schools, and the Charles W. Lamar Jr. YMCA. Within Taylor Porter, Ne’Shira is a member of the Firm’s Diversity Committee, working to promote both internally and externally diversity outreach and awareness.

What was your Motivation for Becoming a Lawyer?

“I was first inspired by the work of attorneys during the Civil Rights Movement and have always been impressed with the impact that attorneys can make by influencing change in the laws. I like having the ability to use the tools of reason and logic to effect change or achieve outcomes.”

What Do You Enjoy Most About Commercial Litigation?

“I enjoy the challenge of litigation. There are so many different factors involved, i.e. interacting with clients, lawyers, judges; researching and writing; and developing strategy.  It is never boring and I think this practice area helps me develop so many skills that are useful, even beyond the legal profession.” 

What’s the Best Advice You Received Since You Been a Lawyer?

“To take charge of my career. I have learned that you cannot always wait for opportunities to come your way, and that it is important to develop a plan and be aggressive in pursuing your goals. Also, find good mentors.”

You Were Actually a Customer Service Representative Before Attending Law School and Becoming a Lawyer. How Did That Experience Help Your Career?

“Personally, I used to think that my customer service experience would not help me much in my legal career. But now, I often find myself drawing on my past experiences to help me navigate the legal profession. My previous job exposed me to working with people across multiple levels of an organization. I was responsible for coordinating commercial printing projects, which required me to interact with the CEO, accounting department, project planners, sales representatives, department managers, creatives, print press operators and even shipping personnel. I was often a “middle man” and had to quickly learn how to address the often competing concerns, motivations, and interests of various different people within the company, while also making sure we met the expectations of our clients. There were a lot of parallels to what I am doing now, but just in a different setting.”

You are a Member of the Taylor Porter Diversity Committee. Why is the Promotion of Diversity Important to a Law Firm and its Clients?

“Promoting diversity fosters unity, acceptance, collaboration, and understanding within the workplace and the community. This not only ensures better performance and outcomes for clients, but also increased impact within the community.”

What Motivates You to Give Back to the Community?

“I see giving back to the community as making an investment that enhances our shared experience with each other. I also don’t want to just talk about the problems that I see, but to be a part of the solution.”  

Why Did You Choose to Become a Board Member of Volunteers in Public Schools, and the YMCA?

“I have a personal connection to both of these organizations. As a product of the public school system, I understand how vital the work Volunteers in Public Schools does toward enhancing to the education of public school students. Also, as a longtime member of the YMCA, I know that it is not just a gym membership, but an organization the supports health, wellness, families and communities.  I am proud to serve these organizations and to support their efforts in the community.”

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