eDiscovery and Litigation Support: Client Needs and Technology Advances

Taylor Porter is pleased to announce the addition of in-house client services in eDiscovery and Litigation Support with the hiring of Judy Madere as the Firm’s Litigation Support and eDiscovery Manager. Madere, a Louisiana native, has more than 20 years of legal experience in assiting clients with eDiscovery, Relativity, and litigation and trial support. She most recently served as Supervisor of Litigation Technology at Husch Blackwell and Litigation Support Manager at Spencer Fane, both in Kansas City, Missouri. Madere is a Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS) and Certified Litigation Support Project Manager, as well as holds various litigation technology certifications. She has 15 years of experience in eDiscovery and Litigation Support, and 20 years as a litigation paralegal.

According to an article in Above The Law, the eDiscovery market will hit just over $11 billion for 2019, with an increase to over $16 billion by 2021. This is a booming facet of the legal industry, and it is important for businesses and law firms across the state of Louisiana to understand the latest technological developments and current trends around electronic discovery, especially the best and most efficient ways to deliver those services for clients.

We sat down with Judy to discuss eDiscovery and Litigation Support needs for a client, and the technology advances around the process to streamline efficiency.

What is eDiscovery and Litigation Support, and why is it beneficial for a law firm to assist in those particular needs for a client? EDiscovery is electronic discovery that includes, but not limited to, emails, electronic documents, databases, and mobile devices relating to a production request in litigation. Litigation Support assists attorneys and clients in managing the electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation matters. When challenged with electronic data, it is important to have someone familiar with the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) representing all discovery efforts required from identification, collections, document review, productions, and electronic trial presentation. We can assist by providing a better understanding of the technology and how to make effective use of it in a client’s case. The goal is for a more efficient and cost-effective performance of discovery.

When should a client consider eDiscovery and Litigation Support? It is always best to involve Litigation Support early in the discovery phase of a case. We can assist clients with identifying potential data sources and legally defensible collections, as well as identifying any potential risks, preparing a discovery budget, and keeping discovery on the right track. Having someone familiar with the legal process, technical knowledge, and document management systems is crucial to conducting efficient discovery in any litigation. We can help implement an effective electronic discovery response plan on both the legal and technical fronts.

What are some of the latest technology advances around eDiscovery, and how have those helped streamline the process and efficiency for clients? Technology assisted review (TAR) a/k/a predictive coding and continuous active learning (CAL) have now become more widely used as an efficient and effective way to review documents at a fraction of the cost of manual review. I believe we will see more of this type of technology used in all cases as judicial acceptance of the technology becomes increasingly more common in practice.

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