Taylor Porter Continues Mentorship STEAM Academy Seminar Series with “How to Become an Attorney”

November 30, 2016

Taylor Porter continued its professionalism seminar series today with students at downtown Baton Rouge’s Mentorship STEAM Academy as attorney Ryan French presented, "How to Become an Attorney.”

French discussed the road to becoming a lawyer, including earning a college undergraduate degree, taking the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), going to law school and passing the bar exam for state certification. He also discussed the professional responsibilities of a practicing attorney. Today’s seminar was the second of five seminars to be presented by Taylor Porter attorneys to students at Mentorship STEAM Academy.

"Professionalism in the Workplace” will be presented by John Parker and Lauren Rivera on Jan. 12; “Confidentiality” by Adam Thames and Juan Miranda on Jan. 23; and “Workplace Diversity” on Jan. 26 by Vicki Crochet and Katia Bowman. Taylor Porter attorneys
Scott Mansfield and Leslie Daniel presented, “Professional Attire: Dress for Success,” on Nov. 10.

Mentorship STEAM Academy is an early college high school for students who may have been or are being underserved in previous/current educational experiences. The high school program aims to prepare all students to undertake a four-year college or university career pathway and delivered through integrated, project-based approaches. Like traditional schools, full-time teaching staff teach students, but these teachers receive support from industry and university representatives both in and outside of the classroom. These interactions help to provide younger students with an informed career focus.

​Taylor Porter attorneys are dedicated to enriching the community in which our attorneys, staff, families, and clients live and work, and this commitment to giving back in the community is generated by volunteering at various activities through schools, nonprofits and community events, and serving on the boards of directors of nonprofit organizations or making contributions to worthwhile causes.

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