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Taylor Porter hires highly motivated, well-rounded law students to participate in our Law Clerk Program, which is divided into six-week sessions. Under the guidance of practicing attorneys, law clerks gain hands-on experience and interaction that accurately reflects real life as a lawyer. You'll meet our attorneys, learn about all aspects of our practice and get the "full Taylor Porter experience" through various social functions including softball games, crawfish boils, Friday evening events, occasional road trips and more. All in all, it's a valuable, rewarding summer experience that only Taylor Porter can deliver.

If interested in Taylor Porter's summer associate program, please send résumé, cover letter and transcripts to Administrative and Recruiting Coordinator Martha Singletary at


What mentoring do we provide?

Each law clerk is assigned an attorney mentor responsible for integrating the law clerk into both the social and business structure of the firm. Our mentors arrange for attorneys to take law clerks to lunch, join them at firm functions, acquaint them with attorneys and staff, coordinate work assignments and answer questions.

Are you assigned to specific groups or practice areas?

No, law clerks receive a broad range of assignments from an array of practice areas. This helps us evaluate your ability to work with various practice groups and allows us to get to know you as an individual. However, if there is a practice area you are particularly interested in, your mentor will make sure you are properly exposed to that practice during your clerkship.  

Do law clerks receive meaningful work assignments?

Our law clerks operate very much like first-year associates. You will have the opportunity to assist our attorneys on active cases and gain real-world learning experiences. You'll do your share of research and writing, but you will also attend trials, hearings, depositions, client meetings, business transactions, bar association events, and other activities critical to the practice of law.

How many work assignments should I complete during my clerkship?

There is no set number. Each assignment that you receive is unique and varies in complexity. Some assignments may take only an hour or so to complete, while more in-depth projects may take much longer. The quality of your work is more important to us than the quantity.

Will I receive feedback/evaluations throughout the program?

Yes, law clerks are provided feedback on their quality of work from the assigning attorney on each of their projects. There is also an informal exit interview toward the end of your session where you can provide us with feedback about your experience during the program.






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