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The best client-attorney relationships are like partnerships, and we believe a law firm's pledge should be put in writing. And if we’re not holding up our end of the agreement, chances are you won’t be satisfied.

Our Service Standards are based on what our clients have come to value most about us over the 110-years we’ve been in business. As a Taylor Porter client, you can be confident that we’re working every day to meet or surpass them.


Our Attorneys at Taylor Porter Pledge to Be:

1. True to the Legal Profession

Protecting a client’s rights and interests under the law is an honorable pursuit — one that demands a high level of responsibility and accountability from those who practice it. As your law firm, Taylor Porter will:

  • Uphold the profession’s traditional values and principles.
  • Represent you with honesty and integrity.
  • Operate within normal, established legal channels.
  • Practice admirable, ethical conduct at all times.
  • Earn your respect — never assume it.

2. Efficient Resource Managers

Time is important — for you and for us. Performing more efficiently, while still doing our job every bit as effectively, can only benefit us both. When you entrust your legal services to Taylor Porter, we vow to:

  • Practice fair and reasonable billing at all times.
  • Match your specific needs to the most appropriate attorney or team.
  • Use the latest technologies to save time and control expenditures.
  • Work smarter and more creatively, without incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Communicate to you up-front when additional resources may be required.

3. Tenacious Client Advocates

You hire an attorney because you want your matters clearly understood and favorably resolved. From day one, Taylor Porter is on your team — and you can count on our:

  • Proven ability to develop powerful legal strategies and tactics.
  • Dedication to knowing your business and industry inside-out.
  • Deep collective experience and polished legal acumen.
  • Unerring attention to your specific legal and business objectives.
  • Track record of always acting in your best interest, not ours.

4. Humble and Non-Partisan

It has never been Taylor Porter’s intention — or practice — to champion special-interest causes or to leverage client relationships for our own exposure. Work with us and you can trust that:

  • Our concerns are legal and business-related, not political.
  • Our attorneys are conservative and protective when speaking or acting on our clients’ behalf.
  • We support efforts that benefit the majority of our community.
  • Providing exemplary service and outcomes for current clients is the best way to attract new clients.
  • We are only as good as our most recent performance for you.

5. Responsive and Collaborative

We admit, navigating the legal system can be quite cumbersome. Yet it remains our responsibility to move toward the satisfaction of our clients’ objectives at all times. So you can expect Taylor Porter to:

  • Respond promptly to your questions and requests — and to be proactive when necessary.
  • Keep you informed of relevant developments at all times.
  • Always be amenable to collaboration as a means to reach a successful end.
  • Cooperate openly and willingly with you, with other law firms, and among our own staff.
  • Effectively weigh the merits and potential drawbacks of settlement versus judgment.

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